How To Change Your Kik Username?

By | September 11, 2018

It is safe to say that you are exhausted of your Kik username, which you chosen when you were as yet guileless and immature, or need to change your username to something more relatable your identity or something cool? All things considered, we will control you to change your Kik username according to your decision.

In any case, What Exactly Is Kik Username And Why Is There A Kik Display Name?

Kik username is a novel id, which is appointed to you when you enroll on the application and this on account of its uniqueness everybody can undoubtedly discover you and interface with you on Kik courier. Since it is extraordinary to each client, once picked at the season of enrollment it can’t be changed after that. You should join with another email on the off chance that you extremely needed to change your Kik username. You can discover more about kik usernames from

Kik show name is something a Kik client would have regularly taken note. It’s something which shows up before the message you send to somebody on your visit list. Furthermore, what’s satisfying to hear is that dissimilar to Kik username which can never be changed, Kik show name is something which you can undoubtedly adjust at whatever point you want.

There are very awesome kik usernames of many kik users this why people want to change their kik username and impress people on kik. Changing a Kik show name is simple and you can change whenever. You simply need to take after a few stages and you can without much of a stretch modify your username.

Change Your Kik Username On Ipad/Iphone

Stage 1. The initial step includes opening your Kik delegate application and afterward signing in on the off chance that it requests that you do as such. In the upper left corner of the principle landing page, you will discover a symbol with outfit shape simply tap on it.

Stage 2. Go to settings and after that select your record.

Stage 3. Presently you need to find a field, which will be titled as “Name”. Tap on it.

Stage 4. Presently you will be provoked to enter another show name. The application will furnish you with two separate fields where you can without much of a stretch enter your first name in the principal field and last name in the second field.

Finally, tap on ‘alright’ catch to spare your new show name.

Changing Kik Display Name on Android Phone

Changing your Kik Display Name on an Android cell phone is as simple as it is on iPhone and iPad. It’s simply that the interface gets changed because of various working frameworks and a couple of modifications of steps happen. Be that as it may, by the by, changing your show name on Kik is simple whether it is iOS or Android. Simply recall that it is the show name, which can be changed just, there is no chance to get by which you can change your Kik username.

Stage 1. The initial step here is same as it is on iOS. You have to open you Kik application and login in the event that you have logged out. At the upper right corner, you will discover a rigging formed symbol. Tap on it.

Stage 2. Select Settings and afterward tap ‘for you’.

Stage 3. Here, you have to find a field called ‘Name’. When you find it, tap on it.

Stage 4. Here the application will give both of you new fields to include your new show name. The primary field is for your First Name and the second field is for your Last Name. When you have entered your new show name, simply tap on Ok to spare it.

These are some straightforward advances, which you have to take after when you wish to change your Kik show name. Next time, you get exhausted of your old show name and plan to transform it simply take after these few stages.