The Evolution of Box Manufacturers

By | September 26, 2018

The cardboard box is not a thing to wonder about. It is used very frequently in our homes, offices, and business. Where ever we go we see a heap of boxes which uses cardboard packaging. It is a fact that it has become so essential part of our life. It can be easily adapted for many purposes. This makes us think that it is a great invention. The attractive cardboard packaging we use now days gradually evolved over time. Its history is not as simple as it looks. Below are some of the facts which throw light on the evolution of box manufacturers:

The Invention of Cardboard:

The history of cardboard is about 150 years ago. Despite considerable changes, the basic raw material is the same as that invented by our forefathers. So today’s cardboard packaging does not look much different from the old ones. The first paperboard was made in England in 1817. It was not as strong as the boxes used today. But it was the start of the packaging process. A cardboard box packaging was invented in the same year in Germany. They were simple cardboard boxes with fixed walls.

A Mistake which led to Revolution:

The foldable cardboard box we use today was the result of an accident happened in the 1870’s. An American printer, Robert Gair, was making different paper bags in a shop. He mistakenly cut the paper box from where it had to get creased. This mistake made Robert think that by cutting the boxes in a specific place, the entire box can be made flat and reopen. Thus this box manufacturer created a foldable cardboard box which we use today. With the passage of time, more innovations are added to the box packaging to keep it up to date.

The Evolution of Corrugate Packaging:

Corrugate boxes are the modified form of cardboard packaging. The corrugated paper is made by gluing a fluted cardboard in between two layers of the cardboard sheet. This gives more strength to the corrugated packaging. The first corrugated cardboard box was manufactured in the United States in 1895. By early 1900s, wooden crates were replaced by corrugated boxes. They were started using commercially by different box manufacturers by the mid of 19th century. The corrugated box can be made double or triple wall board. They were frequently used for transportation and shipping purpose. They were strong enough to withstand external pressure or any damage. The video shows the process of making corrugated packaging.

Modern Box Manufacturing:

With the advancements in technology, the box manufacturers today use the latest techniques to make corrugated box packaging. They have moved towards customization.  Special custom box making machine is used which can produce hundreds of custom boxes each minute. Various printing techniques are used to give an attractive view to box packaging. Large factories are operating in Europe, the USA and all around the world to provide the customers with high-quality packaging.

The Industry Rethinks Its Carbon Footprints:

Each day hundreds of trees are cut down. Their pulp is used to make cardboard. Cardboard sheets are transferred to packaging companies to make cardboard boxes. Some ways should find out to reduce carbon footprints and its impacts on the environment. Companies are moving towards the use of renewable energy sources. The cardboard material is recycled to ensure environmental sustainability. Hope this article provides a good understanding of the evolution of box manufacturers. Kindly not forget to give your reviews.